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The ScatterTunes™ Store is a unique digital music kiosk that offers MP3 tracks and albums from the major record labels, as well as new and unique products that will enhance your entertainment experience. The ScatterTunes™ experience uses the highly innovative (and patent pending) iBoard® technology to provide you with a rich media tool to purchase and manage your MP3 music. This free software download will install the ScatterTunes™ iBoard® onto your computer and will be your interface to the world of ScatterTunes™ while providing you with the ability to automatically export any ScatterTunes™ MP3 purchase directly into your iTunes library.

You can use the ScatterTunes™ iBoard® to purchase individual MP3 tracks and albums, but the main attractions are the immersive and interactive V-Albums that can only be purchased from ScatterTunes™. Or, you can simply use the ScatterTunes™ iBoard® to import and manage your existing MP3 music library.

Get ScatterTunes™ iBoard®

No matter what your reason for trying it, the ScatterTunes™ iBoard® is FREE and will quickly become your favorite tool for purchasing and managing MP3 music. Click the button above to download the ScatterTunes™ iBoard® and start scattering music today.

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