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ScatterTunes™ & John Mayer Team Up to Release Singer-Guitarist's New Battle Studies as an Exclusive V-Album on November 17th
Lubbock, TX – October 30, 2009 – ScatterTunes™, the company that is revolutionizing music through its innovative and interactive V-Album technology, is teaming up with multi-platinum, Grammy-winning artist John Mayer for the release of the singer-songwriter-guitarist's highly anticipated new record, Battle Studies, on November 17th, 2009. ScatterTunes™ V-Albums bring back album art in all its large-scale glory, along with an incredible array of the latest in multimedia digital technology.

ScatterTunes™ has realized what the real fans have always known: music isn't just for listening, it's an entire experience. While the current shift to digital delivery has presented songs in disposable bytes of information on an iPod, V-Albums are bringing the full package of valuable visuals and other materials that artists intend to accompany their music. Accordingly, Mayer's Battle Studies V-Album will be packed with all of the artist's assets, brought together in one location. Fans will get not only the MP3 song files, but also a combination of lyrics, liner notes, videos, photo gallery, and much more.

Utilizing ScatterTunes™' proprietary iBoard® software, V-Albums are intuitive, simple and user-friendly. The high-quality (320kbps) non-DRM MP3 songs can be played within ScatterTunes™, automatically imported with one-click ease into iTunes/iPod, or exported into any other MP3 player currently on the market (including Sansa, Zune, Walkman, Zen, and more). Videos contained inside V-Albums have incredible, near-DVD quality, and can also be played when offline. The iBoard® also has an artist-branded concierge store which displays products from multiple retailers as well as ticketing outlets. Links to online social networking features include a performance tracking suite; and customized, multimedia e-postcards for sending recommendations to friends and family.

Scores of other musicians are also turning to ScatterTunes™ to provide them with the presentation that does their artistry justice and brings a quality visual aesthetic back to the record business. Star artists recently receiving the V-Album treatment include Dierks Bentley (Feel That Fire), Katy Perry (One of the Boys), Tracy Byrd (Tracy Byrd), Darius Rucker (Learn to Live) and more. Most recently, rockers Saosin joined with ScatterTunes™ for the September 8th release of their V-Album In Search of Solid Ground. To mark the occasion, the PacSun clothing store franchise distributed 50,000 promotional cards in 1,000 of its retail locations across the country. In addition, country singer Trace Adkins teamed up with Dollar General for a special ScatterTunes™ Promotional Gift Card Giveaway of 50,000 MP3s of the artist's new single, "Without Even Trying".

ScatterTunes™ has more in store for music fans and the artists they love, with the upcoming release of the V-Album Legacy Series, a set of V-Albums spanning the careers of legendary musicians. Increasing the fan experience with a wealth of material that traces an artist's complete evolution over time, these Legacy Series sets pair the music with photos, videos and merchandise related to the year of each album's original release—all at a special low price for a complete Legacy Series set.

About ScatterTunes™:

ScatterTunes, LLC is a Texas company with strong Texas-based financial backing and a corporate management collective, which includes over 35 years of experience in the Music & Entertainment Industry, over 25 years in the Technology & Production Industry, and over 30 years in the major Ad & Marketing Agency Industry. For more information, visit

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