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ScatterTunes Debuts VA Creation Tool: Now Any Artist Can Make Their Own V-Albums; Artist On The Rise Program To Debut in April
Limelight, a Service of RightsFlow, to Provide Easy Mechanical Licensing Option for Independent Artists and Bands
Lubbock, TX - March 23, 2010 - ScatterTunes™, the company that is revolutionizing the presentation of music through its innovative and interactive V-Album technologies, is pleased to announce its VA (V-Album) Creation tool and "Artists On The Rise" program. While V-Albums from stars such as Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, Katy Perry and Sheryl Crow already figure prominently in ScatterTunes™' business, is now set to become a home for discovering new talent, when the company debuts its "Artists On The Rise" program in April 2010.

The ScatterTunes™ free VA Creation application, scheduled to launch in May 2010, will allow independent artists and bands to choose a V-Album style template, and then fully customize it to reflect their vision. These artists will easily be able to incorporate their music, photos, videos, lyrics, and all other V-Album assets, to create their own professional V-Album product that can be distributed, with the purchase of an economical package of download codes, to friends, family and fans. This offers artists the most convenient way available to transform their recordings into a multimedia package through V-Album technology, surpassing all other internet outlets with the ease of its user experience. In addition, artists can submit these V-Albums to ScatterTunes™ for sales consideration under its "Artist On The Rise" program or can “upstream" onto the site via various competition programs. Creation of V-Albums and submission to the ScatterTunes™ store for sales consideration is free to artists.

Utilizing ScatterTunes™' patent pending iBoard® software, V-Albums are interactive, updateable, and user-friendly to deliver the ultimate immersive music experience. The high-quality (320kb), non-DRM MP3 songs can be played within the ScatterTunes™ application while viewing bonus features such as videos, liner notes, photos, scans lyrics and more, or easily exported for listening on any MP3 player currently on the market (including an auto import feature to iTunes/iPod/iPhone). The patent pending V-Album also has an artist-branded concierge store, which displays products from multiple retailers as well as ticketing outlets. Finally, each V-Album provides customized, multimedia e-postcards for sending recommendations to friends and family.

For those artists who have not yet produced all the assets necessary for the creation of a V-Album, at the “Artist On The Rise" portal, audio samples alone can be uploaded for use with all the site's promotional tools and competition programs. Public voting will rank artists' popularity and assure that "Artist On The Rise"-designated acts will be the cream of the musical crop.

ScatterTunes™ is pleased to announce Limelight has been selected as the mechanical licensing solution for independent artists and bands choosing to create their own V-Album with ScatterTunes™ new VA Creation product. For artists that would like to release cover songs, Limelight reduces the complexity of licensing with publishers directly and offers several key features, including copyright compliance, licenses that don't expire, minimal fees, and coverage of the broader publishing market not represented by mechanical rights societies.

Witt Stewart, CEO and Founder of ScatterTunes™ says, "At ScatterTunes we are committed to new artists – VA Creation and 'Artist On The Rise' makes it easier than ever before for acts to prepare multimedia album packages. Now, our partnership with RightsFlow simplifies the process for up-and-coming talent to bring music to market and our new voting and judging system will assure consumers that "Artists On The Rise" equals quality entertainment."

Michael Kauffman, VP of Sales and Marketing at RightsFlow added, "We're excited to launch this partnership with ScatterTunes in order to provide value to their community. Limelight makes it easy to include cover songs and third party compositions in the mix for independent artists embracing the V-Album."

About ScatterTunes™:

ScatterTunes, LLC is a Texas company with strong Texas-based financial backing and a corporate management collective, which includes over 35 years of experience in the Music & Entertainment Industry, over 25 years in the Technology & Production Industry, and over 30 years in the major Ad & Marketing Agency Industry.

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